May 23, 2024
8 Places To Visit In Arizona Before The Summer Crowds Arrive

8 Places To Visit In Arizona Before The Summer Crowds Arrive

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Spring is upon us! This is the perfect time to start planning your spring activities although the temperatures may still be a bit chilly and the weather is finally bringing us winter precipitation. If you haven’t quite decided what to do during spring break or on a sunny weekend afternoon, consider checking out some of Arizona’s most popular summer destinations before the crowds arrive in droves for camping, hiking, swimming, and more. Here are a few of these places.

  1. Antelope Canyon

The peak season for this slot canyon near Page is between June and August when the light beams seem to flow straight down for some incredible photo opportunities. If you want to avoid massive crowds, though, book a tour for the spring season when the temperatures are still cool.

  1. Fossil Creek

This beautiful oasis is picture-perfect throughout the year but you’ll find the number of people here is pretty large after Memorial Day, even after people are required to purchase a permit. During the off-season (October 2 through March 31), permits are not required to visit and although some roads may be closed due to weather conditions. Just check the road conditions in advance at the U.S. Forest Service website.

  1. Grand Canyon National Park

One of Arizona’s most popular parks, a large percentage of those visitors arrive in the summer months to hike, camp, and sightsee. The weather is still pretty chilly right now, but you won’t have any difficulties seeing the canyon from your favorite viewpoints. Plus, you won’t have to worry about overheating during a day hike.

  1. Lake Mead National Recreation Area

This is one of the top five most visited national parks in the country (yes, even beating the Grand Canyon!), with summer being the hottest season—both in terms of heat and popularity. Enjoy more privacy on the water and cooler temperatures when you visit this area in the springtime.

  1. Slide Rock State Park

This state park is overwhelmingly popular in the summer, as it is the only natural waterslide in the area and a perfect spot to cool off on a hot day. The crowds grow exponentially by Memorial Day, but the water is exceptionally chilly before then, so it’s best for hiking and sightseeing during the early spring months.


  1. Verde Hot Springs

This hot spring sits right along the Verde River and, despite its remote location, is a pretty popular spot. Try to avoid the heavy crowds by visiting on a weekday in the spring to enjoy a nice long soak.

  1. West Fork of Oak Creek Trail #108

This hiking trail is actually popular for the duration of the year, but you’ll see the crowds become absolutely huge in summer and fall. In spring, you’ll get to watch the area come alive as tender grass, leaves, and wildflowers emerge after winter.

  1. Woods Canyon Lake

Just about any place on the Mogollon Rim sees heavy usage in summer, as it’s one of the most popular spots to escape to on a hot summer day. This particular lake sees large crowds in the warmer months, so if you want your view to be more unobstructed, head out here before Memorial Day!

Those places look incredible; don’t you think? Are there any other places you recommend visiting in the spring before the summer crowds arrive? Be sure to let us know by emailing us at!

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