June 12, 2024

Expedite Your Passport Application @ this Tucson location

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With only a week and a half left before visiting Belize, one of our team member’s passport was lost in the mail. (unfound at this present time) After waiting a week we were hoping Kristen’s passport would show up at her old address. (Passports are never forwarded). Unfortunatley after contacting the Passport office and the U.S. Postal Service, there was no trace of Kristen’s passport.

Hmm. What should we do? We decided to google other options and found the Western Passport center in Tucson. So we took a trip to Tucson and explained our situation to one of the clerks. They quickly voided out the lost passport and ordered a new passport for Kristen.   


All of Kristen’s information was in the system from applying for the passport a few weeks back, therefore the process was easier. So we basically waited 3 hours for the passport to process.

After grabbing lunch at the Culinary dropout restaurant, we arrived back at the Western Passport office. Kristen checked back in with the clerks and 15 minutes later she had her passport in hand. Cudos to the staff at the Western Passport office. We at Arizonagenda appreciate it so much.

We were very grateful to find another option to obtain Kristen’s passport in such a short amount of time. Hopefully this information will be beneficial our visitors and subscribers.

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