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Comedienne August O’Neal Reviews “Villa Blanca of RHOBH”

My Gawd, my Gawd, my Gawd! Villa Blanca is the shiznit. (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)

Lisa Vanderpump stuck her foot in this one. The minute you walk into her restaurant, it feels like you are on a vacation. Which was precisely the point of Villa Blanca. When I interviewed Brent Jones, he explained to me that after LVP visited the south of France, she came up with the idea for Villa Blanca and based her ideas around what she saw during her visit.The artwork, the decor,  the patio seating, and the elegant atmosphere will make you feel like you are in an oasis and not Beverly Hills. Sort of like being in Vegas, and forgetting that it’s nighttime, because  you’re inside Caesars Palace for 6 hours! LET’S EAT

Spicy Ahi on Crispy Rice Cakes – for those of you who love sushi, like me, or anything raw, this appetizer will not disappoint. Spicy ahi tuna,  on top of pan-fried rice, topped with red jalapenos. It is definitely worth the bad breath , so dont forget to bring a pack of Trident if you want to kiss your date afterwards.
Caprese a la Villa Blanca – burrata cheese, heirloom tomatoes,  tasty avocados, balsamic oil, all while layered with basil. Seriously, I am still licking the acrylic on my nails. I think they gave me the Heather Locklear plate, when I specifically asked for the Rasputia version of this appetizer.
 Comedienne August O'Neal Reviews “Villa Blanca of RHOBH”
Spicy Lobster and Rock Shrimp – fresh Maine Lobster mmm, shrimp yummm, linguini pasta, basil, tomato, garlic… now we’re talking. This entree is one of the most popular and requested ones of Villa Blanca. On top of everything already mentioned, chili flakes are sprinkled onto it. Which gives it more spice than that girl group from the UK.  I love this entree. You could absolutely taste the freshness of the seafood.
Remove term: Comedienne August O'Neal Reviews “Villa Blanca of RHOBH” Comedienne August O'Neal Reviews “Villa Blanca of RHOBH”
Is Chef Edgar single? I need to marry this man.  From what I understand,  he puts all of his ego into his cooking. He must have a big one, ego that is. I loved interviewing Brent Jones, he was so nice,  professional, had a great personality and smile too. Then I finally met Richardson, who was seen on a few episodes of Vanderpump Rules. He’s just as nice in person.

If you are ever in the Los Angeles / Beverly Hills area, please sell your EBT card, get your money together and go to Villa Blanca. Especially at night – it is so elegant and romantic. However,  do not take your side chick to this restaurant – take her to Lisa Vanderpump’s other spot Sur.

I don’t think I should even rate this one, because my scale only goes up to 4.. aw hell, I give Villa Blanca 10 stallion stomps and a mane shake.

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