5 Killer Reasons You Should Visit Slide Rock State Park

5 Killer Reasons You Should Visit Slide Rock State Park

If you are hoping for a day amidst the quiet of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Slide Rock State Park is exactly where you should be. This is one of the highly popular tourist attractions in Arizona, receiving its name from Slide Rock, a renowned slippery creek. Plenty of streams and rocky terrain abound this park in Oak Creek Canyon that is ideal for family outings and social gatherings. This park greets its visitors with extensive swimming areas, hiking trails, picnic spots and much more.

Slide Rock State Park History

The park was initially developed as an agricultural property by Frank Pendley. Under Homestead Act, he possessed the land in the year 1910 and set up an irrigation system which helped his apple orchard flourish in the year 1912. After observing possibilities of tourism in the area he even constructed cabins for tourists in the year 1933, remnants of which can still be found in the park.

Slide Rock State Park

5 Killer Reasons You Should Visit Slide Rock State Park

Arizona State Parks, later, bought the property from Arizona Parklands Foundation which had earlier acquired it from the Pendley family. In the year 1991 the entire Pendley Homestead Historic District was incorporated into the National Register of Historic Places.

Slide Rock State Park Direction

While traveling from Flagstaff, avail the Highway 89A towards south and from Phoenix, take I-17 N to Highway 179 west that will take you through Sedona, where the park is located towards the north.

Slide Rock State Park Weather

For camping or hiking, the best time of the year to visit this park in Sedona, Arizona, is spring, which also happens to be the busiest time owing to the excellent weather conditions for outdoor activities.

You may consider taking a trip to the park during the summer to beat the heat by taking a refreshing dip in the streams. The park is a pleasure to visit during fall and spring as nature appears to be in full bloom that time. Basically, you have your own reasons for visiting the park during all the four seasons.

Slide Rock State Park Activities

Hiking Trails

Choose from the three hiking trails in this Oak Creek Canyon Park namely – Slide Rock Route, Pendley Homestead Trail and Clifftop Nature Trail. None of the trails are dangerous to tread.

Slide Rock Route is a moderate 0.3 mile trail which leads to the swim area in the Oak Creek. Major attraction in this region is the natural water slide. You will come across a footbridge and a historic rock cabin while trailing down the path.

Pendley Homestaed Trail is a paved route leading through the historic apple orchards and tourist cabins. While trotting along this path you will get to see remnants of the farming equipments, apple orhchards, apple packing barn and the Pendley house apart from the breathtaking views of Oak Creek Canyon’s walls.

For more scenic beauty, take the Clifftop Nature Trail all about 0.25 mile. Slide Rock Swim Area is just nearby.

Flora and Fauna

At the Slide Rock, you will be amazed to find javelin, Coues white-tailed deer, black beer, coyote, great blue herons, bald eagles and black-tailed rattle snake among a list of other animals and birds. Ponderosa Pine, Buck Brush, Box Elder are some of the vegetation prevalent in the park.


There are plenty of places to swim around the Slide Rock which originally lends the park its name. You will find vast stretches of red flat rocks where you can laze around in winters and glide along the slippery ride into the water. There are numerous swimming dens and pools that make this park a great swimming destination in Sedona. Cliffs surrounding the natural pools or swimming holes are popular among the visitors as jumping rocks as well.

5 Killer Reasons You Should Visit Slide Rock State Park


Touring with friends and family is always fun and for this you can reserve the two ramadas furnished with seating arrangements and electrical outlets. For picnics and get-togethers, nothing serves better than the open air picnic spots that are generously scattered all over the place.

Slide Rock State Park Kids’ activities

The park has the provision for kids to become Junior Rangers by simply completing some activities that are listed in the booklet which is obtainable from the Visitor Center, office or Ranger Station. The Activity Sheet can also be downloaded from the park’s official website.

By becoming a Junior Ranger, kids take an oath of protecting the park’s natural habitat. After becoming a Ranger, you will be given a Junior Ranger Button that you can flaunt with pride.

Slide Rock State Park Facilities


These are laced with all modern facilities for the convenience of the guests.

Gift shop

For picking up Slide Rock memoirs, the Slide Rock Market can be visited. Due to its seasonal working hours, it is better to know the timing beforehand.


Make your wedding memorable by hosting it amidst the panoramic views of the park. To know about the terms and conditions of reservation, you can download the online wedding information packet or contact them via phone.

Slide Rock State Park Lodging

While visiting this nature park, you will get plenty of options to stay around the park as the city is just 7 miles away. Junipine Resort, Pak Creek Terrace Resort and Hyatt Pinon Pointe are some of the motels near this state park.

5 Killer Reasons You Should Visit Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park Attractions Nearby

Good food, entertainment zones and shopping areas in the city will keep you busy after a day of fun and frolic at the park. You may visit some of the local attractions in Sedona like Sunset Crater Volcano, Walnut Canyon National Monument, Sedona Heritage Museum and Montezuma Castle National Monument beside among many more near the park.

Slide Rock State Park Annual Events

The Apple Fest held every year is a much awaited event at the park. The historical orchard is still a commercial undertaking which hosts the fest where guests can pick the apples directly from the trees and carry them along. This fun-filled activity is loved by the guests who get to pluck apples from 13 types of apple trees.

Volunteers help out guests with the techniques of sorting out apples of various sizes and packaging them for making them commercially viable.

Slide Rock State Park Entrance Fees

For up to date Park entrance fees and reservations, please contact azstateparks.com


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