10 Unbelievably Easy Homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas

10 Unbelievably Easy Homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas

10 Unbelievably Easy Homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and from kids to adults everyone is excited about holidays. There are so many preparations to do before Christmas, you need to buy gifts for everyone, finalize menus, bake Christmas special cookies, plan for Christmas games, buy and mail Christmas cards, shop for Christmas tree, and the most important, carry out Christmas decorations.

But don’t get overwhelmed by this long list of tasks, because there is still time and I am here to help you. I have made a list of 10 extremely easy Christmas decoration ideas that can give a festive feeling to your home, just check out below:

Advent calendar

Have fun while counting days until Christmas. A homemade advent calendar is one of the best Christmas decors. You will need a cloak board, 25 little paper envelopes of same size, rubber stamp to print dates, and tiny surprises.

Print dates on 25 envelopes with rubber stamps, you can also attach strings, tags, Washi tapes and clip arts to be more creative. Now, pin all these envelopes to a cloak board and fill the envelopes with candy, tiny toys and any other small surprises. Now, as the clock is ticking and Christmas is near, you also need to decide what you are going to wear for Christmas right! Just explore unique Christmas costume ideas this year to have more fun.

10 Unbelievably Easy Homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas

Newspaper Christmas bauble

Everybody has old Christmas baubles from last year lying around but not everybody has amazing ideas to reuse them. You can make lovely newspaper baubles using just newspaper and Mod Podge. First, take newspaper, and cut the approx 1 cm wide stripes of the newspaper.

Apply Mod Podge on these stripes and paste them on the ball. Once the ball is covered from top to bottom, apply an extra layer of Mod Podge on top to provide it a glossy finish. Let the ball dry and attach the ribbon of your choice to it. Your brand new Christmas bauble is ready!

Eco friendly gift wrapping

There are thousands of ideas to make the gift wrapping attractive but very few think about going eco friendly. To make the eco friendly gift wrap that you can be proud of, you just need the thread and scrap paper.

First, take two large pieces of scrap paper; draw your favorite shape on the top piece. Cut this shape through top as well as bottom layer of the scrap paper. While choosing the shape and size, make sure your gift will be accommodated easily inside the package. Once the scrap paper is cut, place the gift between both layers and stitch it along the edges using the thread of bright color.

Attractive botanical ornaments

Botanical ornaments look very sophisticated and all you need is transparent balls, real red foliage, and berries to make them. Just put these elements in a transparent ball and tie a ribbon to it. Now, hang it from Christmas tree branches or make a table centerpiece by putting some of these ornaments into a mason jar.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are amazing. You can jazz up any corner of your house using fairy lights. For example, you can hang them around the mirror, intertwine them through the plant, and put them inside the mason jars. There are plenty other ways in which you can use fairy lights for Christmas decorations, check them out here.


Dough garlands

Kids love contributing to the Christmas decorations more than anyone else in the house. To make your kids feel useful you can allow them to make the scented dough garlands for Christmas decorations. They are very simple to make and look really cute.

You need to mix flour, salt, spices, orange essence and water and make the dough. Next, roll out the dough and create the shapes using cookie cutter. Make two holes in each shape same as buttons. Now bake these shapes and once they cool down, thread the ribbon through the holes leaving a small gap between each shape to make a garland.



Pom Pom wreath

To make a pompom wreath you just need a simple evergreen wreath, multi colored pom pom and glue. Just fluff up the wreath and attach the pom pom randomly along the wreath. It is the simplest Christmas ornament to make and looks beautiful.

Yarn wrapped rings or stars

If you have stars or rings left over from last year Christmas decorations then you can jazz them a little and use this year. Take these ornaments and wrap multi colored yarn around them and Viola! You have a brand new Christmas ornament.

Pine cone bow

For a cute pine cone bow, take a short piece of jute, glue it to the top of pine cone. Glue it well so it can hang nicely. Now take a satin ribbon, tie a bow out of it. Attach the bow to the jute at the top of pine cone with hot glue. Make at least 8-10 pine cones like this and hang them to the Christmas tree. You can choose ribbons of different colors to have some variety.


Christmas pillows

 You can give a festive touch to your furniture with lovely Christmas pillows. Such pillows have different Christmas related prints on them like, Christmas tree, Santa Clause, reindeer etc. It is one of the easy ways to prep your house for Christmas.



Christmas is all about togetherness, good fun and lots of fun. I hope all these ideas would help you speed up your preparations and have an amazing Christmas with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!




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