Top 5 Phoenix Attractions

Top 5 Phoenix Attractions

Top 5 Phoenix Attractions

If you could be planning for a vacation with your family, then Phoenix is the place to consider. The tourist attractions in Phoenix have proved to be the best for many people around the world. However, you should plan according to your budget. You cannot visit all the sites in a day. Below are some of the best tourist attractions to top your list.

  1. Musical Instrumental Museum

Play, hear, and even see the different varieties of musical instruments from all parts of the world. You will have an opportunity to listen to different tunes. There are headsets available, which you will put on as you move through the galleries. Visit the museum and have a world tour of pop culture artists having the live performance. Additionally, you will learn more about cultural instruments.

Top 5 Phoenix Attractions

  1. Papago Park

Few minutes from downtown, you will come across the iconic Papago Park. It is a home for red rock buttes, joined with trails. This is a magnificent hike-able view makes it the top attraction. Take pictures to remember the visit to the park.


  1. Desert Botanical Garden

The winding path of this 50 acre of desert garden exposes a wonderful variety of arid plants. The beautiful garden also acts like the backdrop during the seasonal events. During the months of winter, there are many twinkling lights, which enhance the garden for traditional holidays.

  1. Phoenix Zoo

While in the zoo, you can feed the giraffes at a very close range. The zoo is a home for more than 1,400 animals. You will be able to see the Sumatran tigers roaming the Savannah. Additionally, many recreation activities take place including fishing. Phoenix Zoo is a place worth visiting. If you have small kids they will definitely enjoy the moment in the zoo.

  1. Old Town Scottsdale

The hip eateries and southwestern arts are common along the streets of the Town. The Old Town is a common destination for nightlife and Great Phoenix shopping. On the fifth avenue district, you will come across trendy boutiques and art galleries. It is also known for libations, dark dancing, and lounging.

Generally, Phoenix is a place to visit. It is important to plan according to your budget. Get the best traveling agent with a track of accomplishment. You can also consult your family members and friends. Take a camera with you to document your visit.


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