7 Best Food Trucks in Phoenix Arizona

7 Best Food Trucks in Phoenix Arizona

Mustache Pretzel – Have the desire for something tasty? Then, you should try the mustache pretzels that’re in the cute shape of a handlebar mustache and are non-GMO. This food truck delivery service also has a wide range of pretzel flavors and delightful dips. “We know you’ll love these twisted treats.”

Waffle Love – Are you in the mood for a sweet and tasty snack sensation? Then, check out the Waffle Love Food Truck delivery service! They have delicious freshly made waffles with your choice of toppings like strawberries or Nutella and whipped cream. Waffle Love also has a gluten-free menu as well for those on special diets.


Voodoo Dogs – Have a hankering for an old fashioned hot dog? Voodoo’s delicious gourmet hot dogs are simply the best! Packed with all natural ingredients, guaranteed to put a smile upon your face. Three of their most popular hot dog choices are the El Sonora Dog, Classic Voodoo Dog and their Windy City Dawg.

Cactus Corn – For those trying to grab a quick snack, stop on by the Cactus Corn and get some of their gourmet kettle corn. Which is popped perfectly for you to enjoy!

The Traveling Cup – For a unique one of a kind travel experience, try the Traveling Cup coffee shop! Their international coffee is just what you need after a day on the road.

The Maine Lobster Lady – Between the months of November and April you can enjoy fresh Maine Lobster at The Maine Lobster Lady! Voted as the 2016 Best of Phoenix Best Food Truck, they proudly serve freshly caught lobsters straight from Maine itself. Allowing the local Arizonians to get a taste of Maine.

Queso Good – If you’re looking for authentic Mexican cuisine, then look no further than Queso Good Food Truck Delivery Service! In business since 1973 in Phoenix, Arizona, serving up amazing tacos and quesadillas. “We make everything taste good at Queso Good.!


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