Our Hotel Review: The Phoenician

Our Hotel Review: The Phoenician

The staff at Arizonagenda.com and UrbanEventsAZ.com, in collaboration recently had the opportunity to visit The Phoenician as part of our series on Hotels and Resorts around the valley. Up first in our series is The Phoenician.

Upon arrival, we notice the lush, manicured grounds leading to the exquisite art collection as we arrived at the main entrance. We checked into The Phoenician around 2pm and immediately experienced warm greetings from the valet crew as well as the front desk attendants. We instantly felt welcomed! This was a new but welcoming experience for our staff.

Our Itinerary was as follows:

  • 3:00pm Check-In
  • 3:30pm 80-minute Harmonic Bowl Healing & Phoenix Rising Scrub & Massage
  • 7:30pm Dinner for 2 at Mowry & Cotton

Upon entering our King guestroom on the 4th floor, we are taken by the tasteful décor and high-end finishes throughout. The Superior King room is 600ft and furniture, well laid out optimizing every square inch of the suite without compromising the space. The suit also boasts a walk-out patio with love seat and modest table with 2 chairs to enjoy the outside view, which by the way, overlooks the pool area and is surrounded by beautiful palms, more lush and perfectly manicured grounds with an up close view of Camelback mountain.

We took a few moments to take in the beauty of it all and quickly lost track of time. Realizing that we’re scheduled for spa treatments in less than 10 minutes, we quickly hurried back to the lobby. The Phoenician campus is expansive at the least, so we had to ask for directions to the spa. To our surprise, an attendant was there within seconds to escort us to the spa via golf cart as part of the many services that are offered. We’re thinking … “nice touch” collectively.

The Spa and Wellness Center is nothing short of amazing! It is recommended that you arrive at your scheduled spa treatment at least 30 minutes prior for the full spa experience. The preparatory hot and cold hydrotherapy can last up to 30 minutes.

Our individual experiences at the spa

Harmonic Bowl Healing: Hand-made Himalayan singing bowls are surrounded around the body to create healing vibrations. Sound therapy uses both audible sounds and tangible vibrations to achieve a therapeutic effect. This internal pulsation reaches the cellular level and brings profound relaxation, meditation and energy balancing for the mind, body and soul.  (The Phoenician)

In the words of our staff member, Jane, the Harmonic Bowl Healing was a very different experience altogether. It was extremely relaxing. At the mid-point of the healing treatment, I could feel my entire body relax and I was awaken a couple of times from my snoring. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at myself.

Phoenix Rising Scrub & Massage: Our warming signature scent is blended into a creamy body polish, rich in magnesium. A full-body massage follows using a premium Shea butter and coconut oil. Creates health energy levels, fosters better sleep, improves muscle function and overall well-being. (The Phoenician)

To be honest, this was a new experience. I’d only had two prior massages ever in my life, so I was a little overwhelmed. Nevertheless, once I entered the lounge area, I felt a since of calmness and settled in quickly.

The masseuse was very accomodating and courteous. Although I talked most of the time (due to slight nervousness) I really enjoyed the ambience and the soothing body scrub/massage. What a beautiful environment, our staff really appreciated this welcoming experience. We would like to thank the whole staff at The Spa and Wellness Center for their politeness and professionalism.

  • Phoenix Rising
  • Turquoise Sage
  • Prickly Pear


The Spa and Wellness Center Lounge

Dinner for two at Mowry & Cotton:

Mowry & Cotton is located just east of the lobby to the rear of the main resort. The restaurant can be enjoyed inside or on the outside patio just a few steps from the pool area. We chose to dine outside to enjoy the nice weather and the view.

Mowry & Cotton Restaurant


Our meal:

Appetizer: Veal & lack Garlic Meatballs- mozzarella, tomato jam, arugula & toast

Main Course: 16oz. Cowgirl Ribeye (smoked blue cheese, onion, pepita & chimichirri)

Charred Brussel Sprouts (soy, bonita, chicory kimchee)

½ Grilled Pheasant (cipollini onion, brocolini, almond, citrus & cherry)

Crispy Potatoes (chorizo, horseradish, tomato brava hot sauce)

Drinks: The Sheriff (Phoenician herradura, reposado, canton ginger, ginger syrup, pineapple, orange bitters & angostura bitters)




  • Late night live music
  • Tour of the grounds Saturday morning
  • About the Phoenician Art Collection

About The Phoenician Art Collection:

 “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” -Thomas Merton

From the sparkling swimming pools to the breathtaking views of the Valley, it is no secret that The Phoenician is a secluded haven of relaxation for every guest that visits the 250-acre property. Signature amenities combined with unrivaled guest service are major factors that contribute to the serene atmosphere found at the AAA Five Diamond resort, however there is one more aspect that brings a uniquely beautiful aura to The Phoenician.

A multi-million dollar art collection adorns the resort, with exquisite pieces found throughout the expansive grounds, guestrooms and public spaces. Unique and enriching, these works highlight different cultures and styles, bringing an illuminating component to the iconic property.

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