Is Little Miss BBQ Considered The Best BBQ In Arizona?

Is Little Miss BBQ Considered The Best BBQ In Arizona?

Little Miss BBQ is a hidden gem that sits right in the heart of a light industrial corridor on 4301 University Dr. in Phoenix. It can be easily missed if you are not paying close attention.  A couple of years ago, my mechanic and I were on our way to pick up an autopart. My mechanic (David) pointed across the street to Little Miss BBQ and said they have good food. I responded “oh really” unfortunately I just blew it off as if it was a typical small mom and pops BBQ shop with okay food (nothing special).

Two years later, this past Christmas I attended a friend’s company Christmas party at Little Miss BBQ. Upon arriving I could not believe what I saw. Customers were in a long extended line. This line was so long that it curved around into the parking lot. I quickly called  Joanna (Arizonagenda staff) I explained to her the scene at Little Miss BBQ. We projected from the long line and wait time, Little Miss BBQ is very popular, therefore their BBQ should be very tasty.

Due to early reservations my friend’s company was seated quickly. Let’s just say, my first bite of the ribs and brisket was amazing. I have never tasted such flavorful and tender BBQ. I quickly took pics and sent them to Joanna. I described Little Miss BBQ’s food as best as I could, with no justice at all, so 3 weeks later Joanna and I took a trip to Little Ms BBQ the Saturday after New Years. Due to the recent holidays I think we were lucky. It was a slow Saturday. Usually every Saturday the line is as long as the human eye can see and Ms Little BBQ hours are from 11:00 am til 4:00 pm or until the food runs out. ( now that’s good eating)

So once Joanna and I arrived, she took one bite, Well I will let her describe her experience. Take it away Joanna!

O.M.G.!!! This is THE BEST BBQ I’ve EVER had! As Jake explained, the ribs and brisket were very tender and flavorful. But that doesn’t even begin to describe this little slice of Heaven we’ve discovered. As our place in line got us closer and closer to placing our order, we could see the chef cutting up the brisket. We were both amazed at how juicy and moist it looked. I’m not a brisket fan normally, but after seeing it in person, I had to try it.

We ordered 1 brisket sandwich and a pork rib plate. Both orders came with sides, so we ordered Coleslaw and Ranch Style Beans. After we sat down and took one bite of the food, an instant rush of satisfaction came over us. It was definitely a euphoric moment!
To describe just how tender the meat is, you will not have a need to pull the meat from your teeth afterwards. The meat melts like butter soon as it hits your mouth. The BBQ sauce choices on the table were, Mild, Medium & Hot. We chose to use the  Medium sauce which was a great compliment to the meat. It has a perfect balance of tangy and sweet.
The BBQ at Little Miss BBQ is so good, we’ve been talking about taking another staff outing there. But it also prompted us to discuss BBQ as a whole. In our opinion, Little Miss BBQ has THE best BBQ in Arizona. Could it possibly be the best BBQ in Arizona? Let us know your thoughts. In the meantime, you just may run into us at Little Miss BBQ. There goes the New Year’s Resolutions ….

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