5 Best Thai Cuisine Restaurants in Phoenix

5 Best Thai Cuisine Restaurants in Phoenix

The city of Phoenix, Arizona, also called ‘the land of smiles’, has many restaurants that offer Southeastern Asian and Thai cuisine. And although Hispanic and Latino restaurants are more common in the area, there are five restaurants that stand out as some of the best restaurants for a Thai cuisine lover to dine.

Red Thai

Restaurant owner Johnny Chu is a long time Thai cuisine expert. He has owned several traditional Thai restaurants that include: Sochu House, Fate and Sens Asian Tapas. And now the bar has been raised as Johnny Chu’s latest effort at modernizing the traditional Thai cuisine has been highly successful for his customers.

His restaurant menu includes: entrees, salads, curry and a traditional Thai noodle soup laced with beef, mushrooms, scallions, rice noodles, scallions in a lemongrass broth. You can find the Red Thai restaurant at 7822 North 12th Street. You may also contact them via telephone at (602)-870-3015.


Sa Bai Modern Thai

 Although Eric Willis lived in South Carolina and Atchara ‘Holly lived in Chang Mai Thailand, this husband and wife team have worked many years together to make their Thai cuisine restaurant work.

The restaurant offers comfort food that includes: fresh Thai rolls that are made with mixed vegetables, chili sauce with bean thread noodles and a seafood dish that includes shrimps, calamari, scallops and clams.The Sa Bai Modern Thai restaurant is located at 4121 East Thomas Road. Their contact telephone number is:(602) 954-8774.


The Wild Thaiger

 Celebrity host Guy Fieri got his initial taste of Thai cuisine from Olashawn Weaver’s Wild Thaiger restaurant. The signature dish of the restaurant are Dragon Eggz.

Other menu items include: dumplings made with pork, shrimp and crab, pad Thai and of course for desert, their classic Champagne mango sticky rice. The Wild Thaiger can be found by customers at 2631 North Central Avenue. You may call the restaurant at (602) 241-8995.


Taste of Thai

 When you are out in the most rural part of Ahwatukee, the best place to try is the ‘Taste of Thai’ restaurant. While the restaurant has recently been opened since the spring of 2017, it has quickly become a crowd favorite.

It is owned by Artichar ‘Toon’ Reynolds who has owned several other Thai and Southeastern Asian cuisine restaurants in the valley area. She stays true to her Thai roots and offers customers a menu including: beef jerky made with a spicy jaew chili sauce and a traditional Thai sausage spiced with turmeric, gangala and lemongrass. Both of these dishes are her signature dishes and leave customers wanting more.

The restaurant is located at 4855 Warner Road Suite 16. Their contact telephone number is (480) 753-3832.



Thai E-San

Located in the Phoenix Melrose District, the ‘Thai E-San’ restaurant makes you feel like you are right in the middle of E-Sans Thailand. Owners Rodger and Pui Pongratic have many years of Thai cuisine experience while bringing their home-style culture to the city.

The cuisine is served in the traditional family style with fresh ingredients. Menu items include: palm sugar and Thai spices brought in from Rodgers hometown of Phetchburi.

The menu also includes: fish cakes cooked with green beans and curry, papaya salad which can also be done E-San style with pickled crab or Bangkok style with shrimp and peanuts. It also has Thai E-San sausage that comes with ginger, peanuts and cucumber. The restaurant is located at 616 West Indian School Road.

The telephone contact number is (602) 297-8888.

While the city of Phoenix has numerous restaurants that will please the customer’s taste, these five Thai and Southeastern Asian cuisine should definitely be on your short list to experience.


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