Our Experiences of Media Night at OdySea In The Desert

Our Experiences of Media Night at OdySea In The Desert

There’s so much going on at OdySea Aquarium and we’re excited to share it all with you. Arizonagenda first visited OdySea Aquarium a couple of months ago and shared our experience with you through the eyes of our Junior Intern which highlighted the indoor Aquarium itself and the many exciting things that are offered for kids and families.

We were honored to be invited back for a special media event hosted by OdySea Aquarium, it gave us the opportunity to explore the entire venue and discover what other businesses have to offer on campus for adults.

Whether you’re looking for a nice place to go for a date night, to meet with friends for a cocktail or if you just want a nice place to go for a meal, OdySea has you covered. OdySea Aquarium is simply so much more than just an Aquarium.

During our tour we had a chance to meet, taste great food and drinks, tour, network and explore. Our first stop was at Polar Play where we were greeted with Slushies at the door. Polar Play offers an indoor Ice Bar. Yes, I said an ICE BAR. Don’t worry, they offer big winter coats for you to enjoy the bar without freezing to death lol.

The ice bar has ice sculptures throughout and offers a nice layout for guests who don’t mind having a drink in the cold. This place is uniquely designed and well crafted.

Ice Bar


 Ice Bar Lounge

Penguin Ice Sculptor

Take a look at the cool Ice Hockey game (on the far bottom right)

Next up is Docktails Beach Café where we sampled Chicken Chipotle Tacos and Honeydew Margaritas. Docktails is an outside beach café with a pretty unique menu.

They offer several different tacos, carnita fries and cocktails and from the kid’s menu– burgers (beef & turkey), mac and cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to name a few.

Docktails offers $2 tacos and $5 honeydew margaritas on Taco Tuesday. Both the taco and margarita were delicious by the way!

Our next stop was Dolphinaris Arizona, we met Marketing Director/Anne Marie and enjoyed a tour provided by the Marine Mammal trainers, Meg and Keith. We had a chance to see a few of the dolphins interact with the trainers and they performed tricks for us.

I have to say this was pretty exciting to see. Dolphinaris offers guests a chance to interact directly with the Dolphins or you can even swim with them.

Dolphinaris is on the grounds of Docktails Beach Café, so as you eat and drink you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the dolphins.

three cute Dolphins, waiting for snacks


Hooray! Snacks has arrived. (more pics on www.instagram.com/arizonagenda/)



Marketing Director/Anne Marie of Dolphinaris Arizona


Marine Mammal trainers, Meg and Keith


Our next stop brought us to Humble Pie located on the upper level of the campus. Here we sampled their grilled chicken pesto pizza, Sicilian Sausage pizza and their decadent chocolate chip cookies.

The food was simply amazing! Humble Pie has a pretty expansive menu which includes pizza, burgers, soups, salad, desserts and their wine and spirits menu does not disappoint.

The dishes and cocktails are very well priced in our opinion.

grilled chicken pesto pizza, Sicilian Sausage pizza


Chocolate Chip Cookie with chocolate sauce, mints, with strawberry.


Next our tour brought us to El Encanto Mexican Restaurant where we sampled their housemade Chips & a trio of Salsa – original mild salsa, tomatillo salsa and Chef Regino’s award winning Chipotle Picante Salsa.

We also sampled the Tequila Lime Shrimp and Fajitas with marinated strips of chicken, beef and vegetables. Oh and we cannot forget the salted rim margaritas. We can say this now, we will visit El Encanto restaurant again and provide a more detailed review.

Everything was simply Delicious, Delicious, Delicious!



Tequila Lime Shrimp and Fajitas with marinated strips of chicken, beef and vegetables


Salted Rim Margaritas

Last on our tour, we visited Modern Grove Views Restaurant where we met Hostess/Sherry while tasting their wine and beer samples. The restaurant is well laid out, tastefully decorated and offers beautiful views overlooking the pools of Dolphinaris.

Modern Grove offers a very reasonably priced menu which includes: appetizers, salads, sandwiches, a few signature dishes, a mix of flatbreads and desserts.

We were very impressed with the restaurant, but then we were lead upstairs to the 3rd level to what is known as Views High Bar and I have to say, this left us completely speechless!

Modern Grove Views Restaurant


Hostess/Sherry of Modern Grove Views Restaurant

We know why it’s called Views and that’s because there are views of the entire valley from every angle of this rooftop bar and it does not disappoint in ANY way! We sampled Ahi Tuna bites and a choice of white or red wine.

Views High Bar’s Event Coordinator/Meghan showed us around the rooftop and advised that they are not quite open just yet. Not to worry though, Views High Bar is expected to open in November.

This is a place you must visit if just for the views alone! But you would be missing out on the delicious food and drinks if you did.  The delicious food and drinks and incredible views makes this rooftop bar a win/win/win!

Ahi Tuna bites


Views High Bar’s Event Coordinator/Meghan (far left)


Special thanks to: Lindsey Gubler/Public Relations Manager for Bridges Media Group for the invitation. Also many thanks to the staff at OdySea Aquarium for hosting such an incredible event.



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