A Quick Bite At Chicago Style Eatery

A Quick Bite At Chicago Style Eatery

A Quick Bite At Chicago Style Eatery

I must admit. If I had a choice between burgers and hotdogs, I would have to choose burgers . Don’t get me wrong. I like hotdogs, I’m just more of the burger type I suppose. For the record. I have passed up  Chicago Style Eatery  many times on my way to Las Vegas, so one of our staff members decided we should stop in for a quick bite. We had some spare time, so we decided to finally give Chicago Style Eatery a try.


We all know the center of a hotdog starts with a variety of quality meats/pork, whether it’s pork, sausage, shredded pork, shredded beef or what  have you. In my opinion, the right toppings is most important and it brings the whole sandwhich together.

Our order choice was one of the daily specials which consists of a vienna beef hotdog, fries and soda pop combo for $6.50. Although the hotdog could have been a tad bigger, it was very tasty. I must admit, the relish is the best I’ve ever had. Topped off with a crisp half pickle, onions, sport peppers and a couple of sliced tomatoes.

The Shoe String French fries deserves an honorable mention. They were cooked perfectly, very fresh with a touch of  seasoning that was spot on .

If you are on a budget, I would suggest the daily specials menu. It is very affordable and it is a more for your money deal.

Chicago Eatery has various drinks and also a milk shake machine. Every wall consists of various antique artifacts. From signs to paintings and statues, it gives you sort of an old western store type of vibe. Also there is a flea market/antique shop attached to the eatery.

Dazzos Chicago Eatery was established in 2003. They are located in Wikieup AZ. If you own an RV, there is an RV Park in the back of the eatery as well. Safe travels on your road trip to Las Vegas!!!

Address: 17715 US-93, Wikieup, AZ 85360


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