Have You Tried Extreme Sushi

Have You Tried Extreme Sushi

Well, so much for that thigh gap I’ve been working on…

Finally, I get to dip in the soy sauce. Not like I haven’t done it before. I have a 5 year old little boy as a result of “dipping” in the soy sauce. Let me just say that EXtreme Sushi is the BOMB! I am still licking my fingers.

They are tucked away in a very quiet plaza at 4434 W. Thomas Road, where they first opened their doors three years ago and have been going strong ever since. In my opinion, this is the best combination of Mexican and Asian since Bruno Mars hit the scene.

I enjoyed interviewing the very beautiful Christie Marquez, the co-owner of the restaurant. We discussed the samples they had planned for this review and of course there are several secret sauces. I’m EXtremely happy that she was able to bring this idea to Phoenix. Now if I could just get Chi-Chis to open back up, the world would be a better place. LET’S EAT !

Salmoncito – stuffed with crab, cucumber, avocado, and cream cheese on the inside.  The outside has baked salmon, shrimp paste and eel sauce. I don’t know what shrimp paste is, but it was delicious! When this sample came out it was warm,  because of the baked salmon. Which gave it just enough juiciness.

Aqua Chile – on the inside there’s cream cheese,  shrimp,  octopus, cucumber, avocado and crab. Yes, that says octopus! Tuna, cucumber, green onions and aqua chili sauce,  make up the outside of this roll made by God himself. I love tuna,  sushi, and the prep work that was done with this roll. Had to show my appreciation. That’s why you see me kissing the chef. My #1!

Suchiles – for those of you that don’t necessarily like anything raw or sushi, this is the appetizer for you. Crab, shrimp,  eel sauce, and cheese stuffed into a yellow pepper. After I took a bite of this, I started to do the James Brown shuffle. Next time I’m bringing my PCH, Personal Cape Handler – Hey Sarah.

Guamchilito – the only breaded roll I’ve ever eaten. Crab and cucumber on the inside. Octopus, shrimp, cucumber, avocado, and eel sauce completes the outside. The breading threw me off, but not enough for me not to take it home and eat it the next day 🙂 Yes, the next day, because I have a stomach of steele.



Chipotle – I used a little on the Suchiles appetizer

Citrus Soy Sauce –   highly recommended for the Aqua Chile roll

Eel – used on every roll, which gave it that extra kick.

Cilantro  – I dipped every one of my samples into this. I’m so fat.

As you can tell, I absolutely recommend EXtreme Sushi. I have never had Mexicanasian food and I am in love.


Comedienne August O’neal 


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