There Is So Much To See at Odysea Aquarium

There Is So Much To See at Odysea Aquarium

We at Arizonagenda decided to review the Odysea Aquarium this past Saturday. On this visit, we decided to add a third member to our team. You know, someone that has a different sense of style, eyes and excitement. Did I say EXCITEMENT?!!!

The following article was written by our junior intern for this review only.  Introducing! Taianna Walker

Today I went to the Odysea Aquarium and had a great time there! When we got there, we saw so many fish. One that really caught my eye was this really big catfish!

My favorites that I saw there were sea lions, sloths, penguins, turtles, lobsters, sharks, walking batfish, millipede, eels, crocodiles, octopus and many different sting rays. I guess you can say I have many favorites .                                                                                                    

At the Odysea Aquarium we loved how the aquarium gave details on all of the habitat that was on display. Some of the cool things we did at the aquarium were; we went into this 3-d video room where we wore 3-d glasses and watched a blue whale-shark video named “Underwater Giants.”

Also, as you ride the escalator to the 1st floor there was an aquarium filled with many fish above our heads. It felt much like we were inside of an actual aquarium ourselves. It was all really cool!

I like how the aquarium chose the perfect homes for all of the sea life animals and mammals on display. It shows that they really care for these lovely creatures.

At the end of the day, I’m just very grateful that my family surprised me with this lovely experience to not only visit the aquarium but to have the opportunity to write about my experience as junior intern for the day. I had a blast!

Lion Fish


Leopard Whip tail Stingray

Junior Writer: Taianna Walker


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