An Enjoyable Evening Concert “Niki J. Crawford”

An Enjoyable Evening Concert “Niki J. Crawford”

I must admit, Niki J. Crawford came across my radar during our review of the Chandler Center of the Arts back in May 2017. Niki J. Crawford is one of many acts that will be performing in CCA’s Free summer concert series.

Free Concert at Chandler Center of the Arts "Niki J. Crawford"
Arizona Agenda decided to visit CCA on August 20 and learn more about Ms. Niki J. Crawford. Instantly, I felt the impact of her strong vocal range. This lady has serious pipes. Niki’s voice is a collection of sultry soul, r&b, and a touch of raspiness all mixed in one.

This concert did not disappoint. I think the band performed between 13 to 20 songs total. Not bad at all for a free concert. My favorite song was called Eiay. It’s a man’s world by the late James Brown was clearly the crowds favorite. The live instrumentation, along with Niki’s beautiful voice sounded amazing.

Although Niki was the show, her Congo player had a small side show of his own. Most of the band’s set consist of Congo based songs. This guy earned his pay. After beating on the Congo drums for two hours, I wonder if he experienced any numbness in his hands after each concert.

Niki J. Crawford has acted in a few films. Love Ranch, Miss March, He’s Just Not Into You, The tenants ( Snoop Dog) and Seeing Other People. As a new fan, I will keep my eye open on Niki J. Crawford’s future endeavors.



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