Enjoy A Slice Of Federal Pizza

Enjoy A Slice Of Federal Pizza

It was a pleasure to do my first review at Federal Pizza, which is housed in the old Federal Savings Bank at 5210 N. Central-just north of Camelback. This establishment is the brainchild of Lauren/Wyatt Bailey and Craig/Kris DeMarco, who also own Postino and Joy Ride. Federal Pizza opened their doors in October 2012, with the idea of being significant in the community or neighborhood by restoring some of the history.

As I walked in, I heard someone yell out “August O’Neal!” I looked and didn’t see my momma, but I heard my name for a 2nd time. From behind the bar, comes 5ft. nothing Angelina Deeds. That’s when I knew, that if they hired someone like her, this atmosphere was definitely fun. We go back to our early days in comedy.

The remainder of the staff were just as welcoming and easy-going. They make you feel like you are at home. AJ Jolly, who’s been the manager for about a year and a half now, told me that she was going to have me sample 3 entrees and an appetizer. When the entrees came out, I said to AJ, “Who are these samples for, Jabba the Hutt? Note to self, wear my eating pants next time!

Enjoy A Slice Of Federal Pizza

The first dish I tried was the Garganelli and I am in love. I love it more than Larry Fitzgerald right now. I kept going back to that dish after I had tried the others. The lemon pesto is amazing.

2) Next, was the F & G Veg Board, which is also really good. Especially, if you like vegetables. It comes with an extra large cauliflower, but because I shop at Wal-mart this is probably why I’ve never seen one.

3) My final entre was the Casanova pizza. This was my least favorite, only because it had a lot of what my son called grass, also known as parsley. However , it still melted in my mouth.

4) Finally, my appetizer – Fried Green Tomatoes, Towanda!! I have been waiting to try these after I first saw the movie. I really did not know what to expect, but they were delicious and you absolutely need to have them, with a glass of Merlot.

Federal pizza is a great place to wine and dine the person you are about to break up with, apologize to, or write some jokes about. They even have a “gum deposit” on each table, which is always necessary.

By August O’neal


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