Check Out Some Awesome Cars At Showcase Super Show

Check Out Some Awesome Cars At Showcase Super Show

The Showcase Super  Show did not disappoint. So many beautiful classic cars, it was hard to focus on each individually. Some of the presentations were pretty cool. From snow under a car, to stuff lions and tigers, little Chucky dolls to a full adult cowboy mannequin in the driver’s seat just laying back. I can’t forget about the cool motor cycles, and the highly decorated bicycles.

The Showcase Super Show was held at West World. I’ve heard of other events being held at West World, but this was our first time attending this place. I would describe West World as a giant luxury warehouse that covers a lot of square feet. A lot !

Overall it was a great experience, from stylish cars, bicycles, motor cycles, trucks etc. The food vendors were not too shabby, consumer options ranged from polish sausages, hamburgers, fish and shrimp tacos etc. There was also a car hopping contest and a concert as well. So there was plenty of thing to do to stay occupied. Looking forward to going back next year.

Hype Dance team. It took them a while to get organized, but I think they did a good job.


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