6 New Arizona Laws That May Affect You

6 New Arizona Laws That May Affect You


Hundreds of Arizona laws go into effect on Wednesday. Here are the ones that may affect you.

1. One law eases requirements for people to teach in Arizona. That’s aimed to help the state’s teacher shortage.

2. Another law now allows kids in public schools to use sunscreen without a note or prescription.

3. Turning to public safety, a new law states police now have to have a warrant to track a location on a cellphone.

4. As well, a new law states that drivers won’t be able to have license plate covers anymore. This one is aimed to help witnesses and police identify suspect vehicles easier.

5. As for firearms, local and state governments cannot make anyone who is selling property get a background check on a potential buyer.

6. One of the most talked about new laws is the so-called “hot car bill.” The point is for people to jump into action when they see a child or a pet stuck in a hot car.



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