Feed My Starving Children “Myanmar”

Feed My Starving Children “Myanmar”

About a couple of weeks ago, I decided to watch Anthony Bourdain’s Parts unknown TV series on CNN. I am a big fan of Anthony Bourdain. This particular episode Anthony and his film crew was in the city of Myanmar also known as Burma, a sovereign state in the region of Southeast Asia. Myanmar is bordered by India and Bangladesh to its west, Thailand and Laos to its east, and China to its north and northeast.Feeding The Children of Myanma

The Myanmar episode on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown was very fascinating. Myanmar culture and lifestyle was something very few of us in North America has ever witnessed do to the Myanmar government ban on cameras. Arizonagenda.com scheduled an outing to volunteer for Feed My Starving Children about three weeks prior. Once we arrived at the Feed My Starving Children facility, we noticed there was a sign that said “Packing Food Today for Myanmar” on a Poster Board. How ironic,  We were delighted to help feed the children of Myanmar.

 Although I have volunteered for various organizations over the years, this is only my second time volunteering for Feed My Starving Children. Nevertheless we at Arizonagenda.com really enjoyed our time helping the Feed My Starving Children team.  We were paired off in a group of 6 to 7 people. Each group member was assigned a specific task and for about two hours we constantly bagged and boxed white rice  , nutmeg, Lentils and dehydrated vegetables.


Most of the volunteer groups engaged in a friendly competition on who would have the most boxes filled. I think Team Arizonagenda filled 11 boxes and the team next to us filled 22 boxes, clearly leaving us way behind. Overall, it was for a good cause which is most important.  On this Saturday, all volunteers that attended the 2:00 pm session help feed 111 children this year. We had so much fun volunteering, listening to music and working our specific tasks. Arizonagenda.com will definitely volunteer for Feed My Starving Children once again.



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