Abyssinia Restaurant & Cafe

Abyssinia Restaurant & Cafe

 Abyssinia Restaurant & Cafe

Do not go to Abyssinia Restaurant & Cafe at 842 E. Indian School… if you’ve just gotten your nails done! You’ll be sure to lick off your polish. See, you thought I was about to say something bad.

The husband and wife team of Azeb Getahun/ Eyasu Zegeye opened their restaurant 7 months ago and I don’t see them closing their doors anytime soon. The Mrs. makes everything from scratch,  the decor is relaxing yet old school, and the whole place smelled DELICIOUS. Before she prepared any samples, she asked me if anything was off limits? I told her only goat, I was not mentally prepared for that. She was cracking up and replied with, “We don’t serve goat here, we save that for the house.” LET’S EAT!

 I was given the Agelgel plate. Which is a mix of vegetables, homemade cheese,  and meat. The sample I was given can serve up to 5 people.
Yellow/Green/Brown Lentils – Azeb (the Mrs.) Pointed to the yellow entree on my platter and asked me why I was not eating them? I told her that I don’t like creamy corn. Again, she laughed and said, “Those are yellow lentils.”  I don’t like lentils AT ALL, even if they are served on Eddie Murphy’s nice smooth chest. However, I was given the crazy eye by Mista, so I dabbled in them with the Injera.


Injera is a type of bread, that is gluten free, kind of spongy, but great for disguising the taste of lentils- if you don’t like them. Its use is to pick up and wrap the veggies with the meat,  or other entrees, together.  I noticed the Injera on another customer’s platter, but I originally thought they were rolled up napkins from afar. I love the uniqueness of them.
Collard Greens – tastes like Big Mama made them in the Motherland.  Gone in 2.5 seconds, if that.


Cabbage & Carrots / Green Beans & Carrots – both of these were cooked in olive oil and seasoned by the Gaaawds..


Regular Kitfo ( aka Spicy Beef Tibs) – marinated in beef gravy and chili powder. Have I mentioned that the nail polish on my pinky and thumbs are now gone! Moving on.


Yebeg Alicha Wat (aka Lamb Tibs) –  my favorite of them all. Marinated in olive oil, herbal butter, onions, and Ethiopian spices. After I said, ” Wat!!!” several times,  in my Little John voice, I finally ended this entree sample  with , ” Okay!!”


Baked Chicken & Boiled Egg in Chicken Sauce – this was really good too. I actually thought the boiled egg was a potato, because it was so brown. Imagine my surprise when I bit into it and saw egg yolk. #fakeblondmoment


I washed everything down with their homemade Honey Wine – fermented honey, non-alcoholic, and it’s great for digesting everything you’ve just eaten. I didn’t like it that much, because it reminded me of Tang, but without the Tang. I’d rather call it Jada Juice, because it was just a little bitter.


There were other couples present when I was there. One couple has been eating there since it opened. The others were virgins, like myself – I heard that!   We ALL agreed that we’d definitely be back for seconds,  thirds, and tenths. With our eating pants on.


Abyssinia Restaurant and Cafe is great. My first experience eating Ethiopian cuisine was not as bad as I thought it would be. Azeb and Eyasu are really nice. I enjoyed myself, the food, and I was even invited over to their home for dinner. Minus the side eye from Mista.
Ms. August Oneal



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