5 Really Clever Home Improvement Hacks

5 Really Clever Home Improvement Hacks

Are you thinking of giving your house a makeover? Our friends at Find My Workspace have a few tips that they would like you to try out!

5 Really Clever Home Improvement Hacks

Revamping and improving your home doesn’t really need to be immediately expensive. You can make your property look attractive for your own purposes or whether you want to lease it out or sell it without breaking the bank. Here are five clever home improvement hacks that will upgrade your house without putting a dent in your pocket.

(1) Rearrange and clean out your bathroom.

A really clean and well-organized bathroom leaves a positive impression on whoever sees it, whether it’s just you and your family members or prospective clients. After all, who doesn’t want a clean bathroom? Shiny tiles and fixtures always score major points on anyone.

Where do you start? First, clean out your bathroom from top to bottom, wall to wall, and corner to corner. It will make you sweat, but it is always satisfying to take out the debris, molds, mildew, and other stain from your bathroom fixtures. Start by vacuuming all corners and crevices at the top where dust, molds, and spider webs might thrive. Work your way down so you can remove hair, nails, and other materials. Use microfiber cloth to wipe surfaces too.

Next, pour hot water over the sink, tiles, tub, and other surfaces before you spray them with cleanser. According to professionals, an increase in temperature also increases the effectivity of cleansers. After spraying the cleanser, spread it around with a sponge then let it sit for a few minutes before you proceed to scrub down the grime. Rinse thoroughly with water and flush everything down the drain. Finish off by wiping the floors clean and dry.

Don’t forget to replace moldy shower curtains and to throw away empty soap boxes and shampoo containers. You can add a scented candle for flair a small potted plant to bring more life to your bathroom.

(2) Add a tree and other plants in your lawn.

Aside from making your lawn more attractive and cleaning out the air in your surroundings, a strategically placed tree that provides shade when fully grown can bring down cooling costs especially during hot summer days. Trees and even shrubs also shield you and gives a layer of added privacy. A garden with greenery and beautiful flowers will always improve the mood, environment, and curb appeal of your house.

(3) Replace old carpets, mats, and rugs.

If your home has a stale and musty smell even if you air it out and clean it out regularly, the first thing you should consider is to remove and replace old carpets. Carpets absorb odors, dust, animal hair, and other debris. You can always vacuum the carpets and take them out to beat the dust out of them. You don’t need to change all the rugs and carpets in your home. Just choose the most worn out one that no amount of beating and vacuuming can seem to improve. Placing a new carpet will not only result in a fresher and cleaner room, it will also be a visual upgrade.

(4) Declutter.

Decluttering will not only drastically improve your living space, it will improve your life too. A cluttered house, after all, results in a chaotic mind. Start by putting things back where they should be. Then conquer clutter cabinet by cabinet, closet by closet, and room by room. Get rid of stuff that you no longer need by having a garage sale. Throw away trash and things that can no longer work. Keep away stuff that you still need but you don’t use often. Strip down your space to only those things that you need and use frequently. Keep all other items in clean and labeled storage boxes. You’ll be surprised at the positive effects of arranging and organizing your stuff.

(5) A fresh coat of point always does the trick.

Does your house have a gloomy façade? There’s no other way to perk it up than to give it a fresh layer of paint. Paint adds detail, texture, color and life to anything, and it always makes things look new.

Home improvement doesn’t necessarily mean tearing down walls, rebuilding, and shopping for home decors and accessories. Sometimes, it is as simple as cleaning up, scrubbing down, or rearranging and organizing stuff around. Home repair can be cheap and practical, but it will require time and energy to push through.


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