Phoenix Welcomes New Alcohol Delivery App

Phoenix Welcomes New Alcohol Delivery App

Drizly, a popular alcohol delivery app operating in 40 areas throughout the United States and Canada, has saturated the Arizona market. The app works by either ordering alcohol servers to deliver products to the recipient or by placing alcohol on reserve at a store for a service charge of $5. Retailers that are partnered with the app can scan a photo ID to make sure the person ordering is of legal drinking age.

Drizly provides an opportunity for people save the wait in line at a bar. In addition to drinks, the app serves cocktail recipes, ice mixers and professional tips for mixing ingredients at home. The app also allows customers to shop for alcohol by category and filling them in on the latest trends in the alcohol industry.

Within the Phoenix metro area, the app covers “Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler,” per Brewbound. There are also 2 Tucson locations open for business. So far, the list of retailers partnered with the app includes ‘Lucky’s Liquor, Gary’s Liquor and Chandler Liquors.” Drizly currently also operates in the following markets: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Dizloville, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle & Washington DC.

Drizly is an innovative way to order alcohol, and like all apps there are bound to be customers. The delivery app has already taken in $35 million since it’s initial launch. The app falls under the category of food and drink, but what makes Drizly unique is one of the founders is Phoenix native Justin Robinson. He was exited to bring Drizly to the Phoenix metro area. Robinson, who is also Senior Vice President of new business says, “Phoenix is my hometown so bringing Drizly and all of its benefits here marks a very special milestone. I can’t wait for friends, and friends of friends, to discover how cost effective, transparent, rewarding and convenient Drizly makes shopping for alcohol. And, for Phoenix retailers to discover the wealth of data, inventory management tools and customer service benefits that Drizly offers.”

Drizly can be found on iTunes for iPhone and Google Play for Android.



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