One Of The Coolest Antique Markets In Arizona  “Antique Marketplace”

One Of The Coolest Antique Markets In Arizona “Antique Marketplace”

The Merchant Square Marketplace is an amazing Antique and Vintage showplace. Get your tennis shoes ready because this hidden gem houses antiques, collectibles, vintage and new boutique clothing, antique toys and home décor in over 58,000 square feet. But wait, there’s more!

One Of The Coolest Antique Markets In Arizona "Antique Marketplace"

There’s also an outside garden area with over 18,000 square feet. And there’s even more, attached to the Merchant Square Market place is the Americanway Market Café which was built and tastefully decorated around vintage craftsmanship and antiques. It’s literally a blast from the past in every square inch of this beautiful marketplace.

You’ll definitely take a trip down memory lane as many of the items will remind you of your childhood. Every single aisle had something that certainly reminded us of a time in our lives when things were simpler. It felt like a whole other world that neither of us wanted to leave.

If you are looking to remodel a room in your home with an old fashion vintage style, Market Square Market place will give you a lot of ideas and concepts. Market Square is more than just an Antique store, It’s also a museum of America’s history. From old radios, gas pumps, telephones, lunch boxes etc. This place has it all. This would be a great place to bring students for a field trip. Each item has a storied history and a wealth of knowledge.  It also reminds us of the more simpler times in life.

Authentic Betty Boop Statue

Remember this old ringer

Liquid Birthday Glasses

Antique Chevron Gas Pump



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