Turf Paradise Kentucky Derby Party

Turf Paradise Kentucky Derby Party

Turf Paradise Kentucky Derby Party

I must say, this was my first Kentucky Derby Party. I honestly didn’t know there was such a thing. Then again there is a party for anything imaginable right. This wonderful event took place at Turf Paradise in Phoenix.



I am almost certain this was my first time attending a live horse race. Although the weather was windy at times, this event did not disappoint.


Once I arrived to the Turf Paradise Derby Party, I realized I was underdressed. Party-goers were decked out in colorful floral dresses, sharp spring suits and, of course, big hats. There were a lot of big stylish hats that took me back to the old days of the sharp and classy. The best Hat contest was also an event within itself.

Let’s just call this the VIP room. Yes, my friend and I forgot the name (poor reporting). This room was pretty cool. For $15.00 a person, we recived 12 tickets. Each tickets equals one 8 ounce cup of various craft beers on display. It did not seem like a lot of beer, but it adds up along with the calories of course.

Here everyone was cheering for their favorite horse during the race. “Always Dreaming” was the winner.

Right before the end of the derby party, everyone was fired up. Craft beers, music, dancing and high fives all around. These guys came over and definitely entertained the crowd with their singing and dancing. Good times!


I also met some very cool people. Kenny and Carrie. Kenny looks tough, but actually is a nice guy.

Overall this was a nice event. I will definitely attend again next year. Time flies when you are having fun. I can’t believe I was here over 4 hours. What an event!



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