Struggling To Revitalize Fiesta District In Mesa

Struggling To Revitalize Fiesta District In Mesa


Struggling To Revitalize Fiesta District In Mesa

I remember it like it was yesterday. Moving to Arizona in 2003 was a very scary feeling. The fear of change, the unknown. I soon called Mesa my home. In the past, I’ve heard and seen things about Tucson, Tempe, Phoenix, and even Scottsdale. Mesa was not quite as popular. Nevertheless, it was my home.

My first two weeks in Arizona, I applied for a dishwasher position at Bennigans . About a month later I was driving past Bennigans and I noticed it was closed down. I was dumbfounded. I recently had an interview a month ago and next thing you know Bennigans was out of business in Mesa.

As the months went by, I noticed the economy vigorously affecting the Fiesta District. Maybe this was not a good place to relocate, I was second guessing my choice of moving to Mesa and Arizona as a whole.

Bennigans Closing 2003

By this time, the recession was in full gear. One by One stores were closing down. Bennigans, TGIF, Circuit city, Texas Roadhouse etc. It was sad to see, 14 years ago Mesa was my first home. Since then, the city of Mesa has made a conscious effort to revitalize the Fiesta District. The city is working to expand its redevelopment incentive area to include parts of the Fiesta District, which is near the U.S. 60 and Alma School Road in Mesa.

Currently Santander Financial, which was once Circuit City and various stores in this office Park Location.

I would elaborate of the Fiesta Mall, but that is story within itself. Although new stores have helped some what revitalize the Fiesta District. In my opinion, more can be done.

Walgreens was an added addition to help revitalize the Fiesta District.

Nationwide Vision was also implemented into the Fiesta District.

Valley Metro Bus Stop (Fiesta District)


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