Speechless “Food For Thought” Floridinos

Speechless “Food For Thought” Floridinos

I must admit, I really overlooked this eating establishment. Floridinos is basically around the corner from my apartment. Only five minutes away off of Alma School Road and Chandler Blvd. I’ve driven passed  this place so many times and only a hand full of times that I thought about stopping in for a bite.

Well, on a slow Friday evening in February. Joan and I was indicisive on dinner plans. We had not a clue of what we wanted to eat for dinner. What I like about Joan, she is always up to trying new foods and experiences. So I mentioned Floridinos around the corner. Joan agreed, we really just wanted something to eat as well as fill our appetites as soon as possible.

Once we arrived back home, we set up dinner and after a couple of bites, Wow! we were really impressed with Floridinos. For years I have passed by this beautiful Italian restaurant with barely a thought of trying out their food.

Three months Later Joan and I still raved about Floridinos. Every since February we would mention going back there. Recently we did just that, only this time we dined in instead of takeout. We sat in a small booth in the corner of the restaurant.

The environment was very calming with soft music playing in the background. Our booth area seem very private and personable. Joan and I loved our sandwiches so much from our last visit, we decided to order them again. Let’s just say, once we received our food. The only words uttered were mmmm, mmmm and mmmm.




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