Meet Record High In Phoenix

Meet Record High In Phoenix

Even though I don’t frequent record stores as much as I would like, it’s always a joy digging in the crates for new records. Each album cover brings out the same excitement as a kid opening his gift on christmas day.

Record High In Phoenix is a hidden treasure located in a light industrial area off of 42nd st and University. It seems to be an odd area for a record store so drive slowly because you can easily pass it by. Look for a big record with a logo Record High on the side of the building.

Record High first opened in November of 2012. This store is somewhat small and personable, but has a lot of character.  Record High covers various music generes from funk, rock, jazz, r&b classical etc. Their record prices range from 8.00$ to $500.00 and all records are of high quality and has been well taking care of.

I have to confess, the vintage equipment in Record High almost consumed all of my interest, from a 1984 Denon record player in mint condition to the vintage reel to reel tape player. I was in awe, I really did not expect to see such artifacts of history.

Now being a big jazz fan, I walked into the coolest room in Record High. It was a Jazz room!, a room filled with Jazz greats from the past and the current. This indeed was the coolest. AJ (Record High Manager) also explained that customers are able to listen to records before they buy them. Record High also sells phonographs/record players.

Before leaving Record High, it was this one room that piqued my interest. It was killing me to find out what was in this particular room. Upon my hesitation, I asked AJ what was in that small room? Aj explained that it was a studio for a radio station.

The owner of the Record High, (Dan) actually interviews Blues artists from time to time. Pretty well known Blues artists such as B.B. King to Bobby Rush. AJ said ” I have no acknowledgement of when Dan does those interviews, it might be in the middle of the night, who knows”. You can catch Dan’s Podcast shows on

For confidential reasons, Arizona Agenda was not able to take photos of Dan’s radio station studio.

Below are images of vintage equipment and various records. I really enjoyed visiting Record High, I will definitely be back to revisit the Jazz room.


Various Vinyl Record Genres

1980’s Marantz Receiver

1984 Denon Phonograph

1980’s Record Player Changer

This is a first, I have never seen a record changer, I never knew one existed. Very cool!

Remember The Boom Box 

AJ (Manager of Record High) gave me a demonstration on how to clean records with this record cleaning machine.

Vintage Reel to Reel Tape Player

The All Jazz Room

Juke Box

Listening phonograph/record player  (in the Jazz room)

Remember the floor model wood speakers (Classic!)

AJ (Manager of Record High)


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