Helping Out The Singleton Moms Organization

Helping Out The Singleton Moms Organization

I’ve had a pretty good history of volunteering for various charities and organizations. It’s been a very humbling experience working for national and global causes. Although these organizations has raised millions of dollars, what about the smaller organizations that are struggling to raise money? I decided to research  some of the lesser known organizations that most people have never heard about. I came upon singleton moms on Singleton moms is dedicated to nurturing single parents battling cancer and their minor children.  Singleton moms do this by meeting the practical day-to-day needs of the entire family, while providing hope for tomorrow. After meeting with volunteers at the Angry Crab, I felt very comfortable during my visit.


Although I am not a single parent with cancer, I am a single parent and I can only imagine how difficult it can be raising kids as a single parent with cancer. Being a single parent as well played a role in deciding to work with singleton moms.

The picture in this articles illustrates our appointed tasks on hand. We bagged various ingredients that will be used to prepare different types of meals. We also wrote names on the bags that will be assigned to each family. All food is then put into food cases and will be stored until they are ready to be shipped to twelve different families on a monthly basis. This was one of the most exciting volunteering experience that I’ve had thus far. Everyone was very caring and supportive.  I definitely will volunteer with singleton moms again in the near future.


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