Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your Home

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your Home

Like with everything else, the first impression is the last impression. Grab their attention from the curb and make sure that your home sparkles. You can do this by paying attention to the colour, lights and the landscaping of the outdoors. Most of the time, the buyers have an idea of what they are looking for when they are considering homes for sale. The idea is to offer your idea in such a manner that they believe that it is their dream home.

Invest time, energy and money in your home

One way of making sure that your home appeals to the client is to invest in the front yard landscaping. This will increase the value of your property by 10%. Potential buyers not only look for pretty properties but also consider its cost of maintenance and resale value.


Start by hardscaping, i.e., repair the porch, driveway, parking area, decks, sidewalk, fencing, arbour and patio. Then cleaning up the yard. Spruce up the containers on the patio and near the doorways. There are charming ones in the market to suit every design idea.

Refresh the garden

Refresh the soil and apply a fresh layer of mulch this gives a well-tended look to beds. Weed them and add some colour with annual and seasonal flowering plants. Replace the diseased and dead ones. If you have a lawn, define the turf lines. Thisbrings a neat yet warm and welcoming feel to the place. Prune the overgrown shrubs and trees it reflects how well you maintain your property.

Label the plants this not only shows your attachment and familiarity with your garden. Create a scrapbook of the plants and how to care for them. This will communicate a wholesome lived-in and well-loved feeling about the home. It’s a psychological fact that people like to live in positive places, create that aura around your home.

Add features

You could add colour and fragrance to your garden by adding lavender, frangipani, hydrangea,marigolds, etc. If you have a pergola or a deck make it pretty with an awning enhancing the flowering climbers. Create an inviting intimate setting by placing some rattan furniture and tying a hammock between the trees or the pillars. Add an outdoor fireplace and oven where the buyer can imagine entertaining at home.

Repair the water features

Repair any leaks in the faucets and other water features on the property. Clean the filters of the water features so that the water is clean. Get rid of the algae and ensure they are not a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Irrigation features such as the drip irrigation, the sprinkler etc., should be in top working condition. Leave instructions on how to operate them and recommend a watering schedule. Power-wash dirty surfaces to remove stains, moss and soil. Replace the broken tiles.

Light it up

If you have landscape lights make sure they function. Replace the fused bulbs,broken light fixtures and electrical outlets. Make sure the lawnmower and other implements are in a working condition. It appeals to the buyer that this is one less expenditure.

Present your home such that each part of the house makes the buyer imagines living there and liking it. Overall invest your time, energy and money in your home such that it invites the buyer to move in immediately.

Elena Tahora is a lover-of books, mom, and a resident content writer at Malta Sothebys Real Estate. When she’s not hiking and traveling, she works as an educator, where she gets to share her love for great books and writing with her students and fellow teachers.



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