The Best And Most Luxurious Resorts In Phoenix Arizona

The Best And Most Luxurious Resorts In Phoenix Arizona

Arizona is the sixth largest state in the United states in terms of actual size and the 14th most populous state in the country. Its capital city is Phoenix which also sums up as the states largest city. It share its borders with several other states such as New Mexico, Nevada, California, Utah and Mexico to the south

Arizona as a state is famous for its diverse land forms or topography as well as vegetation. The Southern Part of the state is famous for its desert type of climate that results to the area experiencing very hot summers and winters with mild temperatures.

The northern part of the state however experiences different types of climate from the south as it adored with beautiful and vast forests covering large areas. The forests are made up of different species of trees such as pine , fir and spruce. The area is also home to the Colorado Plateau and other renowned and famous physical features such as the San Francisco mountains as well as deep Canyons. The state therefore has a wide variety of National parks and monuments as well as nature parks such as the Grand Canyon National Park.

Arizona is a paradise that has become popular as a tourist destination. Many tourists come to visit and have a glimpse of this marvel of mother nature hence creating a boom in the states tourism Industry. As a result of this many entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona have ceased this chance and exploited fully by constructing and coming up with luxurious tourist resorts and hotels especially in the major urban centers in the state such as phoenix.

Hereby are some of the best tourist travel resorts in Phoenix Arizona.

The Arizona Grand Resort And Spa 

The Best And Most Luxurious Resorts In Phoenix Arizona

The resort is among one of the most luxurious and most popular in the whole city of Phoenix. It’s located in central phoenix hence easily accessible both by foot or road. Its rated as a 4 star hotel and offers luxurious amenities and services such as a restaurant where you can sample a great deal of cuisine as well as delicacies, a fitness gym, as well as a swimming pool. If you are on a business trip you don’t have to worry as the hotel is also connected to the internet and you can handle your office work in cool , quiet and serene atmosphere. The prices for a standard room ranges between 143 dollars to 436 dollars per night.

The Royal Palms And Resort Spa

The name of this resort definitely makes one desire to visit the resort especially if you are in love with nature especially palm trees as the resort is home to this species of trees. The resort is located at the heart of Phoenix on the East Camel back road 5200 hence easily accessible. Its a magnificent five star hotel that is made up of 119 rooms.

Special amenities found at this Resort and Spa include a tennis court, swimming pool, bar lounge well stocked with the different variety of wines as well as a restaurant. Services include free internet , laundry and conference rooms. Spending a night at this lovely place will only cost you between 196 dollars to 798 dollars for a standard room.

The Pointe Hilton Squaw Resort

If you are in search of a luxurious and beautiful resort outside the ourtskirt of the city where you can enjoy nature as it is with some friends, then look no further from the Pointe Hilton Squaw resort. Located on the slopes of the Phoenix north mountains, this place offers a beautiful view of the adjacent physical features and vegetation such as the Sonoran desert and nearby waterfalls. Its the best destination to undertake outdoor activities such as basketball and tennis. Accommodation is well guaranteed as the facility is large enough and houses 563 suites and charges between 132 and 327 dollars a night spent in any of the standard rooms.

The Sheraton Grand Phoenix

While in town, one cannot miss to notice the beautiful and iconic Sheraton Hotel showing to its iconic height and because of it’s architectural marvel. The hotel is located on 3rd street. Sheraton Grand Phoenix  offers a wide range of amenities such as gyms, restaurants, a bar lounge as well as hot tubs. Services include room service, conference, dry cleaning and multilingual staff. The hotel is rated as a four star hotel with a total of one thousand rooms that cost between 146 dollars and 334 dollars to spend a night.

The Marriott’s Canyon Villas

The Marriott’s Canyon ridge is a four star hotel located in the phoenix area of Marriott Drive. It has 252 rooms and one can experience its luxurious treats by spending as little as 167 to 587 dollars per night.The resort offers amenities such as fitness gyms, tennis courts , golf course as well as swimming pools. The resort is also unique in its own way as it offers family rooms where with kitchenettes where families can prepare their own meals. Services offers include free internet, room service, free parking as well as children activities.

Phoenix Arizona is therefore a second paradise on earth with numerous tourist attractions and a city that offers a life time travel and holiday experiences. For the next holiday vacation, visit some of Phoenix best rated hotels/resorts and experience the great services they offer from diffrent cuisine , accomodations and leisure activities. A Visit to Arizona is a visit to a paradise on planet earth.


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