Bar Vinedo

Bar Vinedo

 My friend and I were trying to find something different to do for a change on a Saturday evening. So we decided we would just jump in the car sight see and browse until we find that venue that would catch our interest.  We stumbled upon Bar Vinedo.
It seemed like a nice comfortable, cozy place to hang out on a Saturday evening. So when we walked in, the ambiance was beautiful and relaxing . I was really impressed with the decorating scheme, from the tree in the middle of the restaurant, to the candlelit booths and how the furniture is intimately placed. It provided a very relaxing atmosphere, until you factor in the live music which is on Fridays & Saturdays.


While my friend and I attempted to have a conversation, it was  very difficult to hear each other over the band. At times we were screaming at one another which was somewhat awkward… Our waitress also had a hard time communicating with us as well do to the loud music.
  • We ordered the Calamari appetizer and baked buffalo wings with ranch. The food was really good. The calamari was breaded and fried just right … not too hard and not too soft. This dish had the perfect consistency and taste.
  • The buffalo wings were baked, perfectly seasoned, tender and juicy. We were pleased with how good everything tasted.
The restaurant and the food were nice, but I would suggest the owners consider changing the customers are greeted and seated. When customers walk into the restaurant, there was a hostess booth but there was no hostess. Just a sign that says “seat yourself” and the menus are placed next to it. We assumed we should grab our own menus also as we seat ourselves, but we’re not really sure.

From a customer’s perspective, it was kind of a strange way to greet patrons as they enter the establishment. Another suggestion I would make are to lower the volume of the music to an intimate level to match the intimate feel of the restaurant.

If they make those minor changes, I believe you’re in for a great date night or a meet and greet with family and/or good friends. Overall the restaurant is nice and I plan to visit again to try it out on a different day for relative comparison.


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