Cajun Festival  (Chandler)

Cajun Festival (Chandler)

We arrived just shortly after dawn which was a perfect time to be there in my opinion. The sun was down and the weather was absolutely perfect. I found myself amazed, once we were well into the fest. I mentioned to my friend that it didn’t feel like we were within the town limits of Chandler any longer, but it felt more like we were actually in New Orleans or even at a tropical locale. Then a sense of pride came over me while thinking, “wow, this is the place I call home.” That was a very good feeling indeed
There was a large variety of delicious cajun dishes available to choose from, and many of the vendors had their most requested items on display to show off the amazing menus they were serving up. Everything looked so delicious, that it kind of made me want to try each and every item that we came across.
There was a very nice diversed crowd of friendly town folks; couples, singles, families and their pets who had traveled from all over the valley to experience the cajun goodness that was being offered. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and a happy mood as they danced, talked, laughed, networked, ate, drank and just enjoyed an all around good time.

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