AZ Wine Company “Scottsdale”

AZ Wine Company “Scottsdale”

AZ Wine Company "Scottsdale"
We discovered the AZ Wine Co on groupon after searching for a local Wine Tasting venue. The cost of the Groupon was $15 for two which included a bottle of wine. AZ Wine Co is located in South Scottsdale in the Wilshire Plaza.


 We enjoyed 3 rounds of both red and white wines from Arizona, Washington, Italy and Argentina to name a few. Our waiter was engaging, very knowledgable and pretty entertaining with his ability to pour the wine in a very unique and professional way. My partner and I joked that his wrists must be pretty strong to be able to hold the bottle in such a way while he poured the drinks perfectly without spilling any of it.


AZ Wine Co has different seating to accommodate your interests. Whether you want to sit at a table or get cozy on the sofa, the entire feel of the winery is laid back with soft music playing in the background. After our wine tasting, we browsed the aisles of the area of the winery that is set up much like a Bev Mo store and found a wide range of prices from $9.99 on the low end to the higher end upwards of $800 for some of the largest bottles of wine that I’ve ever seen before.

The large wine bottles were approximately 2-3 feet in height! I honestly didn’t know there were wine bottles made this large. It was kind of breathtaking and funny at the same time. I wish we had gotten pictures to share for measure. But that just means we will pay them another visit in the near future.


There is another side to the winery that is an active restaurant. We didn’t venture over to that side of the winery but after glancing over the menu, we noticed they offer a happy hour where wine AND dishes are priced at just $5 each! They also offer a tour of the wine cellar. All reasons why a 2nd visit is definitely in the near future.


Lastly, AZ Wine Co’s Weekly Wine Tastings are every Wednesday through Saturday from 6-8pm, but they aren’t just limited to wine tastings as they also offer flights, seminars and wine classes throughout the year. If you’ve been thinking about learning more about wine, I would definitely recommend giving AZ Wine Co. a try.


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