American Discount Foods (Mesa)

American Discount Foods (Mesa)

A couple of years after moving to Mesa, somehow I got wind of America Discount Foods. At the time they were located off of Main and Extension. I think they moved to there current location (off of southern between Dobson and Alma School Rd 3 or 4 years ago). At first visit, I was highly impressed. This place has everything. Fruits, vegetables, hygene products, clothes etc. I remember taking my sons on Saturdays to American Discount Foods, they had toys and a variety of candies for my sons and those mini-bites of sneakers almonds (addictive). All of their products were well below retail prices.

On this day in April 2017, although there are still very good prices on all of their products. I’ve noticed a big difference from the days that my family would frequent ADF. There is still a large variety of products but, there is not a large variety of the same products. Kind of a hit and miss on every visit. I also saw a limited amount of meat and poultry products. This deparment has always concerned me, the meat just didn’t look fresh at all. Back when they were located on Extension Rd, at times ADF would get fresh meat and poultry products. I remember buying large hamburger patties there. My sons and I had a ball eating those burgers, talk about grade A beef! Something tells me those days are long gone at ADF.

Besides the meat and poultry area. American Discount Foods has cheaper prices than most grocery retailers and most of the products are of a high quality. This is definitely a money saver. I will try and get back into the habit of visiting ADF regularly.

American Discount Foods (Mesa)

American Discount Foods includes good fresh fruits and vegetables for a very affordable price. Tomatoes, oranges, apples, zucchini, corn, squash etc.

They also have bulk ingredients for home usage or for

smaller mom and pops restaurants.

Canned soups and sauces.

A variety of low cost items. I don’t think anything in this section is over $3.00

American Discount Foods also has hygene items as well.


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