12 Things You Didn’t Know About Phoenix

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Phoenix


12 Things You Didn't Know About Phoenix

Jasmine Plants/Shrubs

After leaving the Scottsdale Arts festival, a friend noticed a beautiful fragrance in the air. She quickly walked over to this plant and noticed it was Jasmine. Upon further research, Jasmine Plants can handle some of the Arizona sun, but thrives in shade or filtered sun.

Arizona Heat Can Ruin Your Battery

I never knew Arizona heat could be so brutal on car batteries. August is definitely the worst month for battery damage. There are more than 18,000 battery related calls every year in the month of August.


Coming from back east, I had know idea what a Haboob was. Once I moved to Arizona, I soon found out.  A Haboob is a wall of dust as a result of a microburst or downburst. Haboobs occur mostly during the summer months in Phoenix but are not necessarily restricted to the monsoon period.

Driving Without AC During The Summer Months

Wow! Did I learn this the hard way. After moving to Phoenix in May of 2003 without any AC in my 1996 Honda Accord. I was overwhelmed with the Summer temperatures and heat here in the desert. Personally I think it should be illegal to sell a car in Phoenix without AC.


Okay, I am familiar with Monsoons. I didn’t really think Arizona had Monsoons.  I vividly remember picking my children up from their grandmas for the summer. Once we returned to Phoenix (Mesa) we witnessed the first monsoon here in arizona. A nice clear sunny day, suddenly turned dark and windy. I think our area lost power for an hour that night.

Riding around with a missing hood on your car

This was odd. I don’t think I ever recalled seeing a legally registered car riding down the street without a hood until I moved to Arizona. I was speechless. Back east, I knew it was illegal to ride around with broken tail lights, headlights etc., but without a hood. The things you see.

 Bicycle Friendly City

Everywhere you go in Phoenix, people are riding bicycles. In all fairness, it also can be a workout module. I guess it only make sense, beautiful weather and all, so I get it. Bicycle lanes in the street? I don’t think I ever seen lanes for bicycles until moving to Arizona. Not sure if I trust drivers enough to consider riding in the bicycle lanes.

During The (so called Winter Months) It can get cold at night/mornings

My first thought. It is so hot in the Summer, how can it possibly get this cold in the winter months? I know it is not the same cold as the midwestern or northeast states, but Arizona has it’s moments, especially in the high mountains near flagstaff.

Leave Your Windows Cracked During The Summer

A friend recently shared this information with me. She explained, If you leave your windows up in the Summer months, once you get into your car and turn on your ac, the pressure from your air conditioner can expand or damage your windows.

Poor Windshield Wipers

Shamely I must admit. I’ve resided in the Valley for about 14 years. I think I have changed my windshield wipers once. It barely rain so why bother. Plus the Arizona heat quickly absorbs and cracks the rubber from your windshield wipers. I’ve heard if you condition them with Armor-All or Vaseline, they should last longer during the Summer months.

Always Have Water

I know, this should be self exclamatory. It is imperative to always have water with you. Preferably in the Summer months. The Arizona heat can be very taxing. Always have water!

Cooking Eggs On The Pavement.

Before I moved to Arizona, the heat was well documented, but it really opened my eyes to how hot it can get in Phoenix after seeing someone on the local television station cook an egg on the pavement. I also saw someone bake cookies on the dashboard of their car. Kind of scary huh.


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